Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exploring My Backyard Part 2

I wanted to share the results of the gardener's visit just a few days after the post about my wild backyard.(here) Crazy difference, right? As well as removing all of the jungle grass that had taken over my yard, they accidentally removed the small bush like things that were growing on the other side of the bricks...opps. What can you do when you don't speak the same language? Just a few days after the last post I spied these beautiful butterflies, who had just emerged from their chrysalis and were drying their wings.

Of course her highness Nosey Pants showed up.

It was very important to her that I saw what she had left me for breakfast! Thanks Lucy, you are so sweet!


  1. lovely post...but the only thing that came to mind at the end of it was...holy s*** that's a big rat!!! Well done gorgeous Lucy! (which by the way, to me that is now her full name ;)

    1. Thanks! was gross, but it was the second time she has done it, so I am getting use to it.