Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Show for a Good Cause

A fellow EY teacher and good friend Luisa invited me along to a fashion show in the city. Getting to wear something clean and white (dress code; Playful in white) and stay up past our normal bedtime is kinda a treat for preschool teachers like us. The show was for a new brand that is called ijo (eee-joe) based here in Jakarta it was dreamt up and started by the young and creative Claire Nadira, a former student of Luisa's. Not only did we want to support this amazing young woman, but also her cause.  She began this venture as a service project for school and turned it into a real foundation. The clothes are her designs and the proceeds go to helping educate and empowering children in the city with very little opportunity.

We had a lot of fun, we felt kinda fancy actually. Hearing Claire speak during the opening video almost got me choked up, she is a very compassionate young woman, she used their position of comfort and opportunity to help those around her. Luisa was quite proud of her!

The line it'self was light and airy, very pretty and springy. I have included a few of my favorites.  There were a few shirts for sale after and we both bought one..only for about $20.00 (I know right!?)  and for a very good cause. We both loved the skirts and dresses and are going to find out how we can snatch one...

Give away loot; beautiful butterfly covered cupcakes, inside the reusable bag was a catalog, Jakarta city event newspaper and body scrub.

Ms. Luisa with her cupcake..cutest little muffin she is..

Me with mine (do I look a bit evil here?)


 Opening of show, Rihanna's "Shine Bright like a diamond."

Luisa bought this shirt.

I bought this one

Loved the cut of this skirt!

I really liked the color fade on this one.

Kinda think I need one of these dresses...
I need to credit Luisa for the photo taking....she'd kill me other wise..


  1. I need the photos :-) I need the original quality :-) You need to pass them to me ASAP :-)

  2. looks like a great show and i would love to have each of those tops make their way into my closet! but i will admit, that cupcake looked mighty fine too;) Enjoy your weekend!