Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration Link Up (Encouraging Emergent Writers)


Betsy over at was hosting a link up of teachers sharing their writing activities with chalk. My students are younger than most of the students featured,they are not proficient writers but emergent writers. 

Young children's development in this area seems to be closely tied to their self confidence in their skills. Giving them lots of time and encouragement in drawing and sharing their ideas, helps them develop a love for expressing themselves more readily and is a strong pathway to building confidence in fine motor skills and literacy skills.

Our current (PYPUnit Of Inquiry is "Sharing The Planet" our central idea, is that plants are a life sustaining resource for us and for animals.One of our lines of inquiry is identifying the needs of the plants.

As a class we took a field trip to a plant nursery and picked out our own plants to take back to school. We keep our plants on our outside piazza and everyday the children take care of their plants how they see fit. We try to make this an independent activity. We only remind the children that they have to check on their plants and offer provocation questions. Does it need more or less water? Does it need to be put into the sunshine? We do not want to directly tell them how to take care of their plants but encourage them to think about what the plant may need. We have ongoing discussions about their plants. We will do several observational drawings and we will dictated what the child observes about the health of their plant. Their reflections will be one of the aspects of our summative assessment.

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  1. What a great experience all around for your students! The emergent writers are among some of the most important. The opportunities for teaching are wide and deep. It is clear you put a lot of time and effort into creating a fun and varied model for your students. Thank you so much for sharing their work.
    Here is the link to the page where I will feature this post.